PGA 2019 News: Helicopter Hospitality Has Been Announced for Championship

In collaboration with Bell Helicopter, PGA has just announced the helicopter services as one of main premium transportation during the tournament. PGA is well-known to have premium hospitality services for corporate, executives, and officials, but helicopter hospitality? It’s completely new for the championship. Of course, you might have noticed helicopters aired in the previous years’ events but they’re not a part of hospitality program yet.

Here is the fact about PGA’s helicopter flight program:

Collaboration between PGA and Bell:

Bell becomes the only PGA’s official helicopter provider for the flight program. The helicopter program would likely transport important stakeholders who will stay in different sites on Manhattan. Even though Bethpage Park is still reachable with land transportation, helicopter won’t deal with traffic for sure and will cut the trip into minutes.

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Helicopter Models:

Bell will use 407 and 429 model for the PGA tournament due to valid reasons. These models are well-known to provide a convenient and comfortable ride. However, instead of providing the service alone, Bell takes the leading on-demand flight service company, BLADE, and Zip Aviation into the consortium. As you might have known that Bell 429 model is the most popular helicopter for corporate flights.

Corporate Hospitality Program:

Cooperation between Bell and PGA in helicopter services is to enhance the corporate hospitality program. It comes as the innovation on PGA’s transportation solution to refund the travel time to the stakeholders. This way, PGA can ensure all the stakeholders can attend the tournament in the Bethpage Park on time and conveniently. Since it’s a part of corporate hospitality program, the flight services are limited and specialized.

Landing Zone:

The Bethpage State Park will host an on-site landing zone as well as the departure zone. The helicopter will transport clients from their suites to this landing zone and vice versa. However, this landing zone is still minutes away from the PGA championship location even though covered in one area. Land transportation would be still needed to shuttle the stakeholders for the landing zone to the venue.

Open for Booking:

Even though it seems to be an exclusive service, PGA actually opens the helicopter hospitality programs for booking. It’s not a monochrome service as PGA and Bell actually provide several types of flight program for the championship. You can check the PGA’s flight programs on,, and

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Patton Kizzire Should ‘Change’ Because of New US Open Rule

The New US Open rule might not help Patton Kizzire. But experts must say that it is a good change. The officials have made specific tweaks to the list of the US Open rules. The changes put a smile to Patton Kizzire face. But it is a tiny anxious smile because the change won’t benefit him for the upcoming US Open Golf 2019.

We are talking about the US Open exemption here. The USGA has restored the old rule that provides the US Open Exemption to players who have achieved the FedEx Cup point events. The system offered the exemption to the players until 2012. Since then, the officials have been opting the top 60 in the Official World Golf Ranking. The exempt should happen the month before the tournament takes place.

Back then, Kizzire won the PGA tour event at Mayakoba Golf Classic in November 2017. It is indeed the attention. Not to mention that the professional also added the Sony Open title two months after the PGA tour event. He once reached no.51 in the world rankings. However, the reputation went down after he left Waialae. He had dropped to the 63rd.

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When we look at it, it won’t do any good for Kizzire. The new rule of the upcoming event means that the golfer should be in the top 60 in the world. And he even didn’t come closer to the edge. At the Valspar Championship, Kizzire stated that he was glad that he could help someone else for the future.

Kizzire is still managing his way up. He attained one top-10 finish since Sony Victory over 14 months ago. Now, he is in the 94th world ranking. He won’t be returning to the sectionals this summer. The golfer also did not communicate with the USGA regarding the matter. He also stated that the exception was a good change.

He also stated that he didn’t feel deserved to play in the US open since he didn’t play well enough to qualify. If he managed to win twice in one season, he should be having more chances than the other players. Many people want to make it work and make some few changes. But Kizzire stated that he was not going to make a big deal about the US Open since he didn’t play well enough. It is a bit sad, but we must believe that it is a “good change.”