Danica Patrick – Road to Indy 500

It is a piece of excellent news for the fans since the officials announced that Danica Patrick to join the NBC’s Indy 500 team. As we know, the beautiful lady made the last appearance in her racing career back then at Indianapolis 500 in 2018. But the most recent news seems to make her still strongly connected to the festivity. Patrick will join the NBC Sports’ inaugural coverage of the Indianapolis 500 as the analyst. She will accompany the host Mike Tirico. It is indeed a great update because the fans can see her again on screen although it is under different occasion.

As we know, Danica Patrick retired from the racing activity after the latest Indianapolis 500 event held last year. Her beautiful experiences made her return as a TV personality. The Associated Press fetched the accurate information that she had been preparing for the show. The good thing to know is that she was ready for this after an eight-year run in the NASCAR environment. She has gathered much knowledge and experience so that she can share plenty of things from a professional perspective. She will have a lot to discuss on the table.

danica patrick

Daniel Patrick will be the studio analyst on the race day. But that’s not at all. She will also be the contributor of the NBC Sports’ pre-race, in-race, as well as post-race coverage. She will also be the part of the broadcast team on May 19 of qualification. It is not exaggerating to say that she will be the new face across the NBC Universal platforms since she will be promoting the event through the respective channel as well.

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In the phone interview, she shared her excitement about the upcoming event. She stated that the game was meaningful for her. She was so glad that she did the 500 last year. With a new recall of the previous event, it will be great sources for her to present the incredible things with her viewers. It is going to be a work for her since it is the first time for her. But rest assured that Patrick has made a lot of preparation to bring up the show.

NBC has procured the upcoming race part of the Championship Season. NBC Sports is strategizing the sports spectacles with the best analysts like Dale Earnhardt Jr. And Steve Letarte. Back then, no one can predict about Patrick’s involvement. She is a surprise addition.